this time last year

Although, I pride myself on this blog being full of 'unprofessional photos & run on sentences' I am taking a slight departure today to share some photos from the photoshoot I did this time last year for Pom Pom Social with friends Karin and Mikola. 

January 2017 was really hard for me. I was unexpectedly placed into a new job at work with a completely new team. I was left feeling confused, undervalued and unmotivated. Plus it was January so things were just a lot harder, darker and colder in general. Per usual I did my best to put a positive spin on things. But when you spend more time at work with the people you share your office space with than your own family and friends its a really tough transition.

A few days after the I got the news at work Karin reached out and said she wanted to feature me as a 'mom crush' on the Pom Pom site. I was a mix of excited, nervous, suspicious & paranoid about being featured but ultimately knew it would be good for me.

So on a chilly January morning Mikola and Karin came over to photograph and chat with me and Momo. The night before, I picked up our house and in bed I tried to think of something to wear or how to style my hair... In the morning Mike had left to get some work done and our block unexpectedly had no power. The house was a little chilly, our google home device wouldn't play music and our lights didn't work. I worried that the photographs wouldn't turn out. I later learned from Mikola that photographing interiors is much better with natural light, fortunately our house gets a lot of it.


Just today I was trying to clean up my computer files and came across the folder of pictures from my shoot and was taken back to this time last year: a clean house, I somehow pulled off a 'no make-up' make- up look, Momo a year younger, me stuck in a moment of confusion but ultimately my most comfortable self: at home in my own space created by us. 


The smiles on our faces in these photos are genuine. Spending time with Karin and Mikola that morning was so so so good for my person, my confidence and my sense of self. Being in the company of women and being valued for me on my own, outside of work was extremely rewarding. 


I treasure these photos as a reminder of Saturday mornings. My favorite day of the week. If it is snuggled in bed with Mike and Mo for episodes of Daniel Tiger or making pancakes by request. Its the slow time and the stuff memories are truly made of. Enjoy!

xx ly