here we come

I just booked us tickets to DISNEYLAND one month from now. We will be down there for a quick three days at the happiest place on earth! 

We are going a bit sooner, age wise, than I had thought to be ideal but an avalanche of reasons why we should go RIGHT NOW has continued to rain down on us: my parents are heading down with my niece and nephew and invited us to tag along. Plus free accommodations care of my cousin in laws investment property, super cheap flights & a chance to beat the spring break rush.

I just booked the tickets and need to know everything there is to know about heading down there with a three year old.

Please share any suggestions, comments, etc. My main question is what do we do about  nap time? Nap on the go? Good thing my parents are coming so that they can sit with the stroller while Mike and I go crazy on some rides :)

And serious question... do I go ahead and wear some Mickey swag???

Also, if you are not already, follow @dilfsofdisney right now as I have big plans to be tagging Mike as much as I can.