Get Mad & Get Active

Here we go again. My post from October entitled 'Don't Pray for Vegas' is unfortunately completely relevant again. 

I made the above poster style image for our @pompomsocial account and was inspired to share a few more tid bits, headlines and soundbites to get you fired up to take some action too.

  1. THIS article from NYTIMES is completely heartbreaking. A personal account of the shooting from two of the students at the school. David, quoted above in my header image.
  2. The account @TRUMP_REGRETS posted these comparison posts of the hollow tweets from senators who have received funding from the NRA.
  3. Follow these 7 actions you can take to end gun violence with Everytown USA
  4. Join and follow Moms Demand Action. Similar organization to MADD (Mothers against drunk driving) a grassroots movement of American moms fighting for public safety measures that protect people from gun violence. I plan to attend their March 22nd house party/ information session and would love for you to come with. Hit me for details.

Will add more as they come to me & please comment with more.

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