Listen to me: on a podcast

Today I am sharing a link to the podcast interview I did recently with That's So Millenial

It is a LOOOONG one. Thanks to hosts Jenna and Jyss for not editing it down even though they probably should have, haha. There is so much in there. I realize that a fair amount of you only know me thru the internet: this blog or Making La Madre instagram. Or maybe you only know me from my college years or grade school or we are acquaintances. This podcast covers almost everything in my life. The focus is intended to be about style, home, tech & career. I of course dive into #momlyfe, my multiple online personalities and personal experiences.

I spend a good portion of the conversation talking about my work life and experiences in corporate America. I touch on mentorship, Millenials vs Gen Z, having your dream job, how I got my start and of course the highly coveted/ hard to find 'work life balance' as madre and full time Advertising Director. My 'work talk' begins at roughly 30 minutes in.

Below is a cheat sheet to some of my favorite topics from our convo:

  • Croissant love, PS RIP Roman Candle Baking Co, still mad about this

  • Trader Joes secrets

  • Group texts

  • Split personalities on social media

  • Selfie roll calls

  • Shipwreck parties

  • Paperless Post hacks

  • Meryl Streep

Link to podcast HERE.

This conversation serves as a crash course into all things 'me'. I hope you find some time to take a listen. It was really fun to express myself beyond written word and instagram. I think I want to start my own podcast. Probably not necessary, what do you think? Would love your feedback and thoughts.

xx ly