hi!!! I have been looking for an excuse to have a 'dear abby' for parenting/adulting related questions and today I am introducing this idea as a new series on the blog. So send over any questions, anonymous or not and we can look to crowdsource advice. 

Today's topic is RULES OF SPF. Inspired by my friend Kanya and a plea she had via Instagram: Guys I am overwhelmed by this sunblock thing?!? Do you put it on before school? Does it last that long?

via @kanyessa

via @kanyessa

With Summer fast approaching, the sun is out and the temps are already quite high in both NY, where Kanya lives, and Portland. This question gave me pause. I had to think on it... I don't recall my mom putting sunblock on me. I am whiter than her and my kid is whiter than me. With Kanya being the “brown mom to a ginger kid” as she puts it, this is a real question, and debate I imagine, for people today.

Kanya & Dash

Kanya & Dash

In my personal experience sunblock is only something used at the pool. When all your skin is exposed and you are in direct sunlight. That is how I grew up. So I have put sunblock on Mario when we are poolside, typically on vacation in Mexico. 

These days with skincare, self care, defying the aging process and all that jazz being so topical, we know that SPF is super duper important. We know that sun damage is horrible and can cause all sorts of major health issues. We know that sun burns and sun damage are not solely the issue of fair skinned folks. 

But what are the rules? So for Kanya, myself and any other novice sun screen users out there what advice do you have?

Please comment below or find this post on IG HERE and share your thoughts. Much appreciated.

Editors note: A few months ago I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the Jergens body lotion & Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer I have been using for the past five years both have SPF 20 in it. Phew!