when you smell like...

This is a funny one. 

I have written before about natural deodorant. I have had some high highs and low lows with my switch to natural deodorant over the past two years. Finding some great options that worked well with my body but then something would happen: skin irritation or nothing, as in it would not work at all. Ugh!

After my most recent brand that I was loving for its smell, the ingredients were not jiving with my body and I was in such denial. My cousin suggested maybe I take a break from deodorant all together. Maybe that was better than some that didn't do its job. I was obviously desperate. 

Last week I opted to go free, I was walking across campus at work and saw an old friend/coworker. I had a tank top on and was self conscious so I just told her
"ok I am not wearing deodorant, sorry that I smell so bad" and she laughed at me and said she had some at her desk and I could use it. You bet that I took her up on that offer. She told me she does natural everything for grooming with the exception of deodorant, for really good reason. Nothing worked as good as the real deal.

The next morning I went to our campus store to see the options, forgot about making a Target run after work. The campus store had your typical baby blue colored Secret brand as well as a more throwback looking Sure brand of deodorant. The shop worker remarked that she had never seen people read the labels when shopping for deodorant, but instead typically just smell them.

I landed on the Sure brand and have not looked back. It works so well. I would love to know your adventures in BO. I know the ingredients are bad for me so I am not yet done with my search, I would love to find a natural one that works, but its a really rough search period, lots of trial and error to find that perfect match.

xx Ly