Mochella: Momo turns four!

Exactly one month ago our baby boy turned a big fat FOUR years old. For the first time we had a ‘theme’ and invited some friends too.

As I have written in earlier birthday posts (first birthday, second birthday, third birthday) we have kept his birthdays to immediate family as there is more than enough to fill up a room and sing songs, but this year after being invited to his first few birthday parties and making friends at his school we figured ‘why not!?’ and opened the birthday flood gates.

making la madre lydia lauer.png

What started as a themed ‘Mochella’ combining his love of playing the guitar and dancing like a maniac turned into a small scale festival complete with all the essentials:

making la madre pinata.png
  1. FESTIVAL POSTER Poster/ festival art by my sister Dita, a graphic design student. My brief was Travis Scott’s Astroworld album art meets Momo, I think she killed it.

  2. PHOTO OP a step & repeat photo moment. I taped up the posters in our entry and forced people to take photos in front of them.

  3. SOME ZA a menu of pizza (thank you dominos & American Dream pizza).

  4. BALLOONS 50 balloons bouncing around the house. Thank you PK and Mike for the lung power! We still have about 15 or so up in Momo’s closet just for fun.

  5. BANANA CAKE my specialty and a birthday tradition in our house.

  6. BOUNCE HOUSE A bounce house in the backyard, thank you weather gods for no rain & Lisa for the hand me down

  7. CHAMPAGNE I really wanted a champagne room upstairs for the adults but Mike thought that might be a bit much. So instead we pulled out our champagne coupes and set them up in the kitchen as a little bar with plenty of champagne on hand.

  8. NO GIFTS Nearly everyone followed this rule and if I have not thanked you already, let me thank you now and again and again. Removing the gift portion of the party made for a much more enjoyable time for all.

  9. PINATA Custom piñata by mi madre. This year she made him a very on theme guitar. It was our first time hosting an indoor party with a piñata at this house & I quickly determined the best way to organize the kids. The above group photo of the kids is them bored by my instruction.

  10. KID RAVE A disco light transformed our living room from lounge to rave room in a matter of seconds, add the balloons, some Stevie Wonder & Bruno Mars and we had everybody dancing.

making la madre fourth birthday kidchella.png

The party was a lot and at moments felt more Fyre Festival than chill Coachella. We may have had some capacity issues (hard to avoid when our family alone was 80% of the crowd) at moments and I learned an important lesson: music festivals should happen in the summertime or warmer climates. If only my boy was born in June or July cause the backyard could have been perfect for the crowds.

Aside from the crowd control Mario had so so so much fun and was surrounded by his favorite people. We still had a pretty low key birthday with the help of just a few elements that made it special this year. Thanks for celebrating with us friends & fam.

xx ly