The Weekend Report

A few months back I asked a handful of local ladies to share what an ideal weekend might look like.

As it is the start of October in the PNW hibernation can too often be the default for many after a busy week of work/life. Then add on the unpredictable weather it often feels better to make zero plans. I totally get that and some weekends that is just what my brain, body and family need.

However, weekends often feel precious and I feel the need to do/see/go. I imagine you might feel the same way. So I am providing a resource that might inspire you to put off your plans to ‘Kondo’ your basement closet or spice rack for the chance to explore a new place or space: coffee shop, art gallery, park, boutique or bar. So with that I bring you a new feature titled The Weekend Report. A hit list that will hopefully inspire a trip to a new part of town and maybe even an IG worthy foto giving you something more to look forward to on Saturday than just wearing pjs all day and champagne with brunch.

This $16 charcuterie board at Providore is always a hit for us

This $16 charcuterie board at Providore is always a hit for us

As I write this though it is one of those truly special Fall days. A perfect mix of leaves & sunshine and nearly zero precipitation. Cold enough to layer a sweater over your dress but not cold enough to layer on a coat. IDEAL. We have similar weather forecast for the weekend so I am happy to share my top picks for a low key & madre approved local weekend:

—- —- —-

An ideal weekend for our fam starts with croissants, eggs and baguette with jam at Little T Baker in our hood and then a trip to Tabor. If it is dry then Mike & I can play tennis while we give Momo some random activities to occupy him, eventually succumbing to screen time, or if schedules work (and we are lucky) we can drop him at my parent’s house near the park so we don’t have to worry about him at all. Tabor is also great for a mini hike or run and has great views of the city too.

Post tennis we would then pop over to Providore in NE for lunch. A mix of their prepared salads, pastas, salami, cheese, baguette and if we are lucky a glass of wine too. At the cash register they have a collection of European candies in beautiful wrappers and 9 times out of 10 Momo comes home with something special. It is fun to see what he opts for. Recently it has been a thick rectangle of pink bubble gum and calls it affectionately ‘chewing gum’ as it is written on the package.

By the time we wrap at Providore it is probably 1:30 or 2pm so I would drop Mike and Mo at home so I could peruse a handful of shops solo, but first a stop at Never Coffee on SE Belmont for one of their local inspired lattes. I must note that their new location in SW is GORGEOUS. Feels like summer year round with their warm burnt orange Mexican floor tile. From there walk right over to Fieldwork and ask Megan to throw together a bouquet for the house. Something small but mighty. Then continue on to Midnight Sunlight, my favorite shop for vintage house items, art and decor. If time & tempers at home allow I would then roll quickly over to Palace to see what might be of interest: beauty products, kitchen wares, clothes, accessories, books. So much good stuff crammed into this place.

The new Never Coffee shop on SW 12th

The new Never Coffee shop on SW 12th

By now it might be 4 and we would hopefully have some sort of dinner plans sorted. Friends coming over for din or a sleepover with Momo and his cousins. We would order thai from Farmhouse, let the kids watch a movie in the basement and us hang out in the living room. Better yet we get a sitter and Mike and I are able to head to Angel Face or Sandy Hut for drinks with friends. Sadly, Sandy Hut doesn’t have a website so you will have to take my word for it, don’t let the yelp photos steer you away! Great drinks and fun hip/divey scene.

If you follow along on IG most of these spots should be quite familiar. As for this weekend, I will be extremely lucky if I can hit at least one of these things tomorrow. Truth is we somehow have three kid birthday parties lined up and a few family obligations too. Hoping Sunday is much chiller and I can at least swing a trip to Providore.

Share your favorite weekend spots & I would love to feature your list.

xx Ly