¡Salud! Five Years of MLM

This time five years ago I was in the middle of my third trimester and the middle of a very long trip for work. As the story goes I started this online journal as an outlet for my many feelings as I was nearing full on #momlyfe. This morning things are the same, but as to be expected, different. I am up in the air en route to a shoot for work and will be gone for a little over a week. I left at home my little boy, his dad & our dog.

I love the symmetry of this five year anniversary of Making la Madre (MLM). I’m still on the go & taking things in stride. I continue to write about my feelings surrounding motherhood/ parenthood but also where all of this intersects with career, relationships/marriage, friendships & sometimes style obsessions & travel diaries too.

I fully realize that most often I am writing to an audience that I can count on my hands. I savor the comments here on the blog & IRL from friends & some strangers when I write about a parenting gripe or share my favorite mascara. I like that about this space and that is part of what helps it feel like a diary. Hopefully it comes off as personal, not contrived, and a bit like scribbles all over the place in a good & fun way.

With that, I am gonna look back at five of my favorite posts from this past year. To those of you out there, thank you for reading & following along.

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