Five things: for a 35 year old

Tomorrow, 4/3, is my birthday so naturally I am thinking about what treat(s) I will get myself. Full disclosure I gifted myself a whirlwind trip into Zara after work tonight before I scooped up Momo, more on that later.

I started the below list the day after Mike’s bday, shameful much? And here we are today with a round up of the handful of items that I would love to get myself. Some a stretch and some more practical. I don’t expect Mike or anyone to dig around and look but I will surely gift myself something from this list. 35 seems like a milestone, right?

1) Something special

I have been eyeing the accessories by Roxanne Assouline for as long as Leandra Medine of Man Repeller has been wearing them. They are a playful and updated version of something I wore when I was little. While visiting her site recently I discovered that she does them in gold and am contemplating about scooping a custom one up for myself. Still considering what to have it say. What are your votes?

2) Something practical but chic

The night before our trip to Japan I did a Target run. Collecting coloring pages, snacks and little toys to keep Momo entertained on the plane. On my final lap of the store I discovered a $16 fanny pack that quickly became the hero of my entire trip and hero of my weekend wardrobe ever since. It is so damn easy and fun to use. So… I am considering an upgrade. The Clare V. one has me transfixed. It is a chic and sophisticated in leather and has the option of a painted monogram (yes pls!) So what do you think? Go for broke with the upgrade or pat myself on the back with my thrifty find and just keep swimming?

3) Something extra

While visiting the What Goes Around Comes Around site, a little hobby of mine, I was stopped in my tracks by this above Chanel bag. Something I will never get but can definitely dream about. Seems like the perfect spring or summer weekend day date bag. Wine tasting anyone?

4) Something for summer drinking

I have been looking for an updated wine glass. We bought some stemless ones off of Food52 when we moved in last summer but I am at a point in my life where some nights I want the vino to feel special. Even if it is just my jammies and me. Enter these simple, sleek and modern looking vessels from CB2. I will gladly take a set.

5) Something for my baño

Lastly, I have been eyeing this Hygge & West wallpaper for nearly three years and our owner’s suite bathroom is begging for some love. Right now it is simple and classic but has lots of white space on the walls where a little steez from this cosmic desert paper will be just the trick! Plus it is on sale so I think I am gonna order it this weekend. I need to do a little bit of convincing of Mike but that should not be too difficult.

Thanks for reading & lemme know if you need my addy to route any of these items.

xx Ly