Into the archives: birth story & more

I am nearly four and a half years into this blog and feeling nostalgic. So today let me introduce/ re introduce you to a handful of early posts that summarize my personal introduction into matrescence.

If you are not familiar with the term, it is the process of becoming a mother. Coined by Anthropologist Dana Rafael is akin to adolescence when you are transitioning & evolving emotionally and physically.

With that here are three posts that offer a peek into that moment in time for me.

  1. Mario’s arrival I wrote this five days after arriving home from the hospital. A quick note about those very early days. One thing I failed to write down, but still remember is how we put Mario in a laundry basket in our bed the very first night we were home with him because we were. We had no idea what to do with him & how to keep him safe.

  2. Birth story I wrote this nearly four months after Mario arrived & to the best of my recollection. Some days I still cannot believe he is here.

  3. Breasts & penises The mom guilt I felt around breastfeeding and circumcison. Two things I never really gave much thought to while pregnant and wish I had a bit more information about.

Thank you for reading and feel free to browse the archives for more ‘real talk’ from la madre.