#tbt Mother Mag Feature

Today I am reminiscing on the essay I did a year and a half ago for Mother Mag. It was really special to have this piece ultimately show up on their site. After three years of messing around on my blog receiving the validation from a site like Mother was an honor.

Below is an excerpt from the piece that I am particularly proud of. It really shows that writing is a process. SO much of what i write for this site is dictated into my phone or during a hurried break from real life when I just spill my thoughts. But with this piece I spent almost two months and multiple drafts working to determine the best ways to express my thoughts in smart, cohesive and in this specific case delicate and beautiful words that paint a picture in your mind:

Although it’s finally a part of the national conversation, white privilege has been something I’ve been keenly aware of my entire life. I am fair-skinned with green eyes, messy dark hair, and freckles. I am half-Mexican, and completely identify as a Latina. My family has rich variations of cinnamon, mocha, and chocolate-colored skin tones. In comparison, I look like the inside of a tres leches cake, soft and creamy light skin with subtle hints of vanilla bean and strawberry.

Read the full piece here.