Five Things: from Target, July 2019

Hello from NYC. I am on my first day of PTO after being here most of the week for work. Right now I am sitting in the hotel lobby cranking out some emails and checking in on a few projects here and there. Momo is beside me on his ipad with headphones (bless). It is raining like crazy today so it felt like a great day to bring you a ‘five things’. These are my cheat for easy blog content. So simple to bring together and I have been lacking in the content department as work has had me literally/geographically/truly all over the place!

In today’s collection of ‘five things’ I picked up right before my work trip to Athens and have been in my suitcase and therefore part of my summer wardrobe rotation ever since!

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making la madre.jpg

1) linen paper bag pants These pants passed the try on test and feel like such staples for a summer wardrobe. Cozy enough to make me want to wear them everyday but structured and designed well enough to be able to wear to work or a special event with just the right accessories.

2) orange dress A simple silhouette in a fun very summery color. Instant mood brightener.

3) Not your average fanny pack A fanny pack has become an essential part of my life on production, when traveling and on weekends. I was on the hunt for an ‘elevated’ version that would pair well with dresses and

4) cream linen dress I wore this two days in a row. End of story.

5) striped ruffle tank Looks kinda vintage and I love how it pairs with my levi’s jean shorts too.

Can you validate any of these? What are your current Target faves?

xx ly