praxis jewelry custom bracelets

When you become a new mom you automatically get a necklace with your kids initials, birthdate or some combination of the both. Not really, but thats sure what it seems like with the moms I know. I love the idea and the sentiment. If you are looking for something to gift a soon to be madre friend, or just a regular friend, I have found something to provide an affordable and little more subtle and edgy option.

Back in the spring a friend tipped me off to the designer Alison Cecil and her shop- Praxis Jewelry. She does custom jewelry in brass or silver that allows you to create something special with words and/or numbers of your choosing. My girlfriends and I got together for our 30th birthdays. A weekend in the woods and wine tasting to celebrate. We wanted to have a special something to commemorate the milestone and trip, the photo above is the collection we ordered for our weekend. We each got one with something personal on it.

Since ordering my first batch I have continued to order them as birthday presents for friends and my sister, a few more for myself, and I was pleasantly surprised to receive a set of three from my +1 for our anniversary in August. They are really simple sweet gifts and the touch of personalization really makes these special. The price is right too with their being a discount for orders of multiples. The silver ones start at $21 per.

I can't help but think how these bracelets would work as great gifts for a new madre- put her kids name, the birthdate or something special on to the bracelets. I like the idea of: SHIT JUST GOT REAL w/ babies birthdate.

Hope you like! xx Ly