DIY Board Book

DIY Baby board book

Last week I shared some of my favorite shower gifts thus far in my baby shower swag post. One such gift was the B is for Baron book that my friend Jenna made. Baron is our dog, a very handsome vizsla-doberman mix that we got from a shelter almost five years ago. Baron has been our favorite companion/accessory and is the perfect dog for us. He is very obedient, quiet and well mannered. We joke that he acts much more like a cat than a dog. He comes with us most places and was a featured participant in our wedding in August 2013, even being featured on the blog Wedding Dogs!

So it was a very pleasant surprise when my friend made us this board book featuring instagrams of Baron. I asked her to share how she did it so that others out there could make their own. Follow the steps below!

DIY baby book making la madre blog


  • A blank cardboard book 5x5 5.99 (you can order here from Amazon)
  • Baron pictures 5x5 (printed at Costco)
  • X-Acto knife
  • Spray glue
  1. Choose your photos for the front/back cover and each of the pages of the book. Print them at print shop of your choice.
  2. Spray the back of the photo and placed it onto your desired page of the book. Let each page dry completely before doing the next one.
  3. To finalize the book trim the corners of the book with the X-Acto knife for smooth finish.

xx Ly