Washi Tape DIY

Over the weekend a lot was accomplished in the baby room. One such project that was on my list was to determine and complete some kind of flat wall decor. Something visually stimulating for baby and us and something that would not run the risk of falling off the wall in an earthquake or choking the kid. I was researching wall decals from multiple sites and found a lot of rad options. But being the impatient person I am I wanted something I didn't have to wait to be delivered from the internet and something that was inexpensive, in case I didn't like it. So I remembered this post that I found via Pinterest a few months back. Instead of spending $30, $40 or $50 on fancy decals I opted for the DIY version of wall decals made from washi tape.

washi tape DIY baby nursery

Do you know what washi tape is? It is Japanese decorative craft tape. It comes in multiple colors and patterns. It can be used for almost anything: wrapping presents, designing murals (made out of tape), decorating any item you want to put tape on and of course wall decals!

washi tape

The steps are very easy- pick the design you want, there is tons of inspiration on Pinterest. I opted for the very easy (and on trend, lets talk about this later) black crosses/plus signs which you can see above. I cut two inch strips of black washi tape and very roughly measured equal spacing between each desired spot I wanted to place the design. The only materials needed is a roll of washi tape, scissors and then the ladder and ruler are optional. The original tutorial I found on pinterest is shown below.

washi tape tutorial

The entire project was so easy and provides so much impact- bang for your buck if you will. I am now thinking of other wall art and empty walls that I want to take over with washi tape. Some basic stripes would be really impactful and fun for a wall... More to come!

xx Ly