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Back today with another post from Sari. This time she is sharing her five must haves for life post baby focusing on beauty and style for la madre. Hope you enjoy! Isabel Marant Jumpsuit

1. Beauty routine: I keep my routine SUPER simple these days with 3 products – 1) Glossier soothing face mist 2) Glossier priming moisturizer and 3) Burt’s Bees lip pencils

2. Eberjey sweatpants: Before kids, I thought fancy sweatpants were a sign of giving up. Now I understand that they’re made for new-mom warriors. Buy yourself a pair to wear around the house because if you’re going to bum around, do so chicly. You’ll inevitably spend a considerable amount of time indoors the first 4-6 weeks and these are the perfect sweats to receive visitors while also being comfortable.

3. Off the shoulder tops: I find off the shoulder tops are flattering, comfortable, and convenient for nursing mothers. I got this Alexis off the shoulder top and this white Reformation off the shoulder dress after giving birth and have gotten good use out of them.

left: Alexis top, right: reformation dress

4. Isabel Marant jumpsuit: I love this jumpsuit; sexy yet not revealing for when you don’t feel like showing off your body. Photos at top of post.

5. High-waisted swimsuit: We’re going to Virgin Gorda with my husband’s family soon and I needed a bathing suit that covers the dark line below my belly button that hasn’t faded yet. I found this high waisted one which I’m obsessed with.

Thanks again Sari. Completely agree on the sweatpants & jumpsuit front, this is the one I got and was featured in this post. The swimsuit is so hot. Looking forward to your grams from your trip.

xx Ly