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five month old favorite things

Now that Mo is five months old I wanted to put together a list of some of our favorite things. My last list was some of our favorite newborn things and now he is more of a real life baby so I thought an update on what gear, gadgets and toys we are loving would be good to share. And unfortunately ice cream is not on Mo's list of favorite things. It is definitely one of mine. Its so cute that he is getting to the point where he is trying to get what we have got.

BUMBO I had bought a bumbo five years ago when our first niece was born. I liked the concept that little babies could sit up, before their own ability to do so, being part of the action versus lounging in a swing. Mo seems to like it too. We prop him in the middle of a room or on the dining room table, sometimes in a chair pulled up to the table too. When dining it is especially nice to have so that he is not in our arms or strapped to us.

love for the bumbo

MAMAS & PAPAS URBO2 We love our stroller. I wrote a few posts about it back before Mo was born but now we are really getting some use out of it. Regular strolls on the weekend to grab a snack or some groceries. We always get compliments due to its sleek and sophisticated styling. We are at the point now where we can use the real stroller, not just the carseat attachment, so I like the fact that we get the full effect of the stroller and all its steez.

PACIFIER CLIPS These are super cute and functional. At around two or three months I was looking for an alternative to the dorky pacifier clips. Mo's chupons would get lost so often that I wanted a leash for them. I went on etsy to see what I might be able to find and was very happy to discover these leather braided clips that are no fuss and very cute. We keep one attached to the carseat and a few others around to keep on his bibdanas when necessary.

sweet ruby pacifier clip review

CRINKLE PAPER My sister in law gave us this toy for Christmas when Mo was two days old. At about four months he began to play with it as his hands and coordination began to develop much quicker. He flaps it around in the air and brings it real close to his face with both his fists. If you are not familiar with the paper, babies love it because it crinkles and crunches like paper making noise at their touch.

ZARA CLOTHES I continue to be disappointed in the selection at most stores when shopping for a baby boy. Target and Baby Gap both seem to have WAY more options for little girls. I tend to do most shoping for Mo online and since we don't have a Zara in town I take advantage of their site. They have very sweet stylish clothes for baby boys and it makes me very happy.

zara baby boy clothes blog post

Hope you enjoyed, would love to know what stuff you and your baby were into around five months!

xx Ly