Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 11.14.38 PM This morning after browsing Instagram I was inspired by images of women completely owning life. Female athletes, politicians, executives, etc. I felt a great sense of pride in being a female and wanted to celebrate being a multi dimensional woman.

I thought briefly about what story I could tell with my own image and words on instagram. And settled on the above image of Mo and I from late December. Not only does the image showcase a lovable bundle of baby with his glowing madre. But it is not the typical image I would post to my @lydialauer instagram. It is much more personal and sweet. By posting this image I chose to focus on the complexity of being me: a working woman in the year two thousand sixteen. Being a working mother is in a lot of ways the new normal. But still a special and unique position to be in. For me specifically, the love I have for my work is matched by the love I have for my baby. they both make me better.

So on this year's International Women's Day I choose to celebrate the struggle and the joy of being a busy working mama. My calendar is full, my hands are full but most of all my heart these days is overflowing. I know how special it is to be in the spot I am in and with the support I have.

xx Ly