driving en vogue


I have a legit commute everyday to and from work. With our headquarters located out in the burbs to the West of Portland and with us living on the Eastside of town I spend a good chunk of time in the car. Depending on when I leave my house in the morning or the office in the evening my ride-time ranges from 25 minutes to an hour and fifteen minutes. The past six months or so, I have found myself listening to NPR on the regular. Getting in some current events while zoning out on my drive is appropriately adult. As of late I have gotten a bit of fatigue due to the heavy political commentary. I am bombarded with it in my social feeds and on my commute. But recently a new type of commentary has been introduced to me in the form of podcasts and more specifically the Vogue Podcast by Andre Leon Talley. Just this evening my commute breezed by as I listened to Vogue Beauty Director Celia Ellenburg discuss beauty with makeup artist Bobbi Brown. I have long been a fan of Bobbi's due to her beauty philosophy: "the secret to beauty is simple- be who you are." Her products are created to make women look and feel natural. Bobbi spoke to the typical reasons women wear make-up. The top one, that this lady can relate to, is to look less tired. That is 100% my pov on makeup. I would much rather not wear it and most often don't but when I do it is because I realize I have bags under my eyes and I am most often trying to clean that up.

Thats it. Thank you Vogue for giving me the chance to learn more about Bobbi and hear first hand from her what beauty and make-up is all about. Up next more podcasts, please share recos!!! And of course a trip to the Nordstrom beauty counter to get some essentials from Bobbi's line!

xx Ly