In The Archives

IMG_1161 The term 'throwback Thursday' has become so commonplace that I am opting to take it as an excuse to go back into my archives and uncover some of my earlier posts.

Today I am taking us back to almost a year ago. My post titled '17 weeks a madre'. This post was all about sleep. Which is still a major subject of conversation for me and my fellow madre friends. Last I wrote about sleep, two weeks back, I was celebrating the fact that Mo had slept through the night for a whole week, BIG accomplishment. Especially for folks who didn't sleep train and have an inconsistent schedule. Unfortunately, the night following the post Mo of course was up twice throughout the night. And since then he has been rather inconsistent. So each time I decide to write and celebrate a little victory on the blog we end up taking a few steps back. Maybe its the nature of parenting or maybe I am actually jinxing myself. Either way it is annoying and I have become superstitious about sharing our little parenting victories. But these victories and lapses make for good blog fodder so I likely will not give up on sharing with you.

Back to 17 weeks a madre though, even this time last year I was already acutely superstitious about his habits and my desire to share his progress:

Mo has gone through so many cycles and patterns with his sleep that I just cannot stop talking about it. When he sleeps well I brag to anyone who will listen. All the while being superstitious and nervous that my blabbing will curse us back into sleepless nights. So here I am cursing myself. 

Sleep is still a tricky subject. I often regret not doing the legit sleep training that I have heard so much about, and wonder if we could just give it a try now. Still deliberating on that one & will let you know where we net out. A good friend has begun sleep training with her newborn, I am anxious to see her results and have invited her to share her story here Hopefully she doesn't believe in superstitions.

xx Ly