Holidaze by Jo

As we approach the Christmas holiday and New Year our offices shut down for nearly two weeks and encourage us to spend time with family and recharge a bit. 

As you may have read, Thanksgiving break was a bit overwhelming for me. The extended periods of 'mom mode' are daunting, especially two full weeks. Full post here.

This time around, instead of complaining on the back end of the holiday, I have decided to be proactive and hit some experts. I have tapped into some of the mom's I admire most of all and ask them for advice on how they keep their cool during the holidays. But, there is a catch! I couldn't just ask them that question on its own, for fear of boring blog content - ha! Instead I crafted a quick survey to get their temperature check on how they enjoy this time of year.

First up is my friend Joanna mom to four and creative genius at AfterAll Studio. Those are her four kids above: Julian, Asa, Georgie & Tallie.

1) Do you consider yourself and your kiddos more of the holiday sweaters or holiday jammies kind of fam? 

Short answer: Sweaters for sure but not the ugly kind.

Long Answer: Growing up with a Counter-Culture Jewish mother in Berkeley in the 1980s, all I wanted was a picket fence, a 20' Christmas tree and matching plaid velvet dresses with bows in our hair. Never happened. But! We did celebrate Christmas and often with our British friends and it was always lovely and lively. So for me, Christmas is a romantic concept and I think I say "sweater" because my favorite part is the celebration, Christmas Eve or Christmas Dinner not the frenzied high and low of gifting. I could really do without Christmas morning.

2) Go-to activity to keep your kids busy during the long winter break? 

Shit...this is hard. Last year it was insane because of the snow, but also the snow occupied the kids so much. This year I'm taking them to Berkeley to see my family and switch things up so we don't go crazy. Getting up to Mt. Hood is fun--especially if you can get above the cloud line! Back when I had 1 kid and more time we used to go to the Community Centers for open play or open swim. 

3) Whats a BIG wish on your wish list? Don't say world peace... I mean something that if your partner saw this and they bought it for you it would be GAME OVER they win.

A Milena Silvano Jacket, the perfect pair of loafers or you know, an early 70s 280SE Mercedes...

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 3.33.33 PM.png

4) Favorite gift to give? 

This year I gave two things I've been enjoying a lot lately--This steamer. Fuck irons. And Joshua McFadden's cook book -- I cook from this more than anything.

5) What is your fave holiday beverage? 

Whiskey Sour!

Thank you so much Joanna! Christmas in my head is very romantic as well. In reality, not so much. I am so happy to have this little series off the ground. Stay tuned, as I have four more features I will be posting over the next week before the holiday. xx Ly