Holidaze by Jessi

As you may have read, Thanksgiving break was a bit overwhelming for me. The extended periods of 'mom mode' are daunting, especially two full weeks. Full post here.

This time around, instead of complaining on the back end of the holiday, I have decided to be proactive and hit some experts. I have tapped into some of the mom's I admire most of all and ask them for advice on how they keep their cool during the holidays. But, there is a catch! I couldn't just ask them that question on its own, for fear of boring blog content - ha! Instead I a crafted a quick survey to get their temperature check on how they enjoy this time of year.

Today I am featuring everyone Portland girls #momcrush Jessi Duley, mastermind behind BurnCycle and 1000 other things that we don't even know about yet.

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 6.10.45 PM.png

1) Do you consider yourself and your kiddos more of the holiday sweaters or holiday jammies kind of fam? 

This is our Season in the Duley house. We're definitely a holiday sweater kind of fam. We pack in as many adventures as possible this time of year and we all very much enjoy wearing as much festive flare that will fit under our puffy coats as possible. The more balls, bells, sparkles and blinking lights the better. 

2) Go-to activity to keep your kids busy during the long winter break? 

We make a holiday adventure checklist and try to do 3-5 adventures a week. Lofty but it ranges from the library to craft bazaars to making a gingerbread house and it's only 2 weeks and it's magical. Also a lot of crafts. And Elf on repeat. 

3) Whats a BIG wish on your wish list? Don't say world peace... I mean something that if your partner saw this and they bought it for you it would be GAME OVER they win.

My BIG wish is time with my family. I can work and work and work and it's easy to let that commitment of coming home early slide when things get busy. Not ideal, but reality. I love adventures, if my partner planned out family adventures every month for a year. Commitments that were in the calendar nonnegotiable fam-jam awesomeness I would die. The theatre, mini vacations, hiking, concerts, day trips and everything else in between. 

4) Favorite gift to give? 

My favorite gift to give is a "Kick Ass //Take Names" basket for the new year. My favorite motivating book of the year, a new journal or planner, fresh set of markers or sharpies, a new water bottle, bag of good coffee and a pin from my sisters at Wildfang. 

5) What is your go-to holiday beverage? 

Fireball. I know. Don't judge me. I love it.

Thank you so much Jessi. Appreciate your candidness, especially about the Fireball, lol. I don't have it in me to do the gingerbread mess quite yet, maybe next year. Hope your husband finds this and comes up with a few adventures for you!

To read my first Holidaze feature about Joanna click HERE. Excited to share more moms this week! xx ly