As you may have read, Thanksgiving break was a bit overwhelming for me. The extended periods of 'mom mode' are daunting, especially two full weeks. Full post here.

This time around, instead of complaining on the back end of the holiday, I have decided to be proactive and hit some experts. I have tapped into some of the mom's I admire most of all and ask them for advice on how they keep their cool during the holidays. But, there is a catch! I couldn't just ask them that question on its own, for fear of boring blog content - ha! Instead I a crafted a quick survey to get their temperature check on how they enjoy this time of year.

Today I am featuring my insta friend Briana. She is legit a super model in LA but also super mom too. She is mom to boy Luca who is nearly the same age as my Momo. We know each-other via instagram which is the future of friendship, if you didn't know. I love keeping up with her life, the ins and outs of raising a little boy. Its just like mine, except with perpetual blue skies & major outfit inspo. Read on for our quick q&a about the holidaze.

1) Do you consider your little fam more of the holiday sweaters or holiday jammies kind of crew? 

Holiday jammies for sure. I grew up with my whole fam getting matching jams on Christmas Eve so that we were all wearing them Christmas morning!

2) Go-to activity to keep your kids busy during the long winter break? 

Hiking! Since here in La we don’t have to worry about weather, we like to spend as much time outside as possible! We recently did a 3 miles round trip and my boy did the first 1.5 all by himself and loved it! Also it’s great for wearing him out haha.

3) Whats a BIG wish on your wish list? Don't say world peace... I mean something that if your partner saw this and they bought it for you it would be GAME OVER they win.

Anything by the jeweler Communion by Joy and/ or a pottery class!

4) Favorite gift to give? 

Candles! They are not something I ever buy myself but I love getting them as gifts! Anything from dyptique or lux/eros.

5) What is your holiday drink of choice?

Margarita, but then again that’s my favorite drink year round :)

OK... anything by Communion by Joy is on my wish-list now too! Stunning stuff. Hope the pottery class or some pretty jewels come thru for you. And yes, year round margaritas are a survival tool in mi casa too. xx ly