Best week ever

Here we are. What feels like maybe already half way thru January. How did that happen!?! I head back into the office tomorrow after a little over two weeks of a really sweet holiday vacation. This year I really felt the haziness of the time between Christmas and New Years. Or in our case Momo’s birthday, 12/23, and New Years. 

For the first time we had a ‘friends’ birthday and it was INSANE. Our families were still 75% of the scene but adding the few friends really made the whole thing feel like a major house party. We opted for ‘mochella’ theme since the boy loves to jam out on the guitar & we had a few themed out rooms of the house (balloon room, rave room and hand me down bounce house in backyard.) 

The days between Mochella and New Years were dreamy. Looking back, I can say that it was the happiest week of the year and maybe this stage of life/ motherhood. We stayed in our pjs everyday til the afternoon, didn’t go anywhere, invited loved ones over to just be & spent so much time in our living room. Looking at the daylight dancing on the Christmas tree, building fires, sharing meals with our best friends (snuggling my newborn love Zadie who was visiting from BK), quality time in the hot tub & the same thing over and over. We were “just living” like so much of the year doesn’t really allow us to do. No meetings, no school, no drop offs or pick ups. Nothing to do and it felt so so good.

Momo spent so much time poring over birthday and Christmas treasures including a full anatomy book & legos. It was fun to observe his fascination with both. This age is really beautiful. His interests and conversation are both endearing and enlightening. 

The other day I was trying to figure out what about this break felt so easy and manageable as a mom. Usually I am exhausted just by the idea of fulltime Momo care. A few ideas: maybe four year olds are easier, maybe he’s a better listener these days. Maybe my ‘1-2-3’ warning system is the best thing wehave going for us as parents right now, seriously it is working v well. Maybe it is the not napping. When my break officially started we skipped a few naps. So he would end up doing car naps which are way better than no naps. I realized that I was wasting so much time fighting and willing him to take his nap that it was making me so annoyed and grouchy. So we have somewhat said goodbye to them. Although we welcome them with open arms when they show up out of nowhere.

So much more I could share as we are flying back from six days in LA where we have spent all of 2019 thus far. But landing soon and proud of myself for getting this far on this flight.  Will do a photo round up from this ‘best week ever’ later this week once I have acclimated back to working on a computer again. I am also inspired to share some new pj finds since I spent so much time in them the past couple weeks. Stay tuned.

xx Ly