making choices

Hello! Reporting live from life of a madre three years in. Today's post is all about decisions and making choices.

Three year olds are a trip. In my experience the past four months has been all about witnessing the personality really form and self expression (good, bad and ugly).

His vocabulary is expanding like crazy and just recently while we were debating what to make for breakfast- his request was pancakes but we had no eggs for the recipe... I found myself having real life conversation with him, a real discussion about what we could make or should make. I paused for a minute and realized that we had made that jump from inarticulate mumbles to full blown convo. I was stunned. It felt like it happened overnight. Obviously it didn't, but I was stunned at how out of it I had been while this was all progressing.

Momo's favorite things these days are the two guitars he has with him nearly all the time. One a mini acoustic guitar that has been so loved since his birthday in December that it now only has one string left on it. And two, my brother's discarded Guitar Hero guitar. It doesn't make any music but it looks just like an electric guitar and it is sized perfectly for Momo's body. He strums it and sings song on it just like he does with the acoustic one.

We just reached a very funny milestone. One where he is not wanting to wear what I have picked out for him. So many opinions about his clothes. This morning for example I picked out a , very cute, mickey mouse t shirt and grey sweatpants. He told me he didn't want to wear that stuff cause "it is itchy". It actually wasn't, I had pulled out all of the tags that he complained about previously. I think 'itchy' might be a safe word for 'no thanks mom'. I told him he could go upstairs and pick out whatever he wanted. To my surprise he pulled a very legit & on trend look: baseball shirt and black tuxedo pants (cropped, by default as they are size 2). Accessorized with his guitar of course, see above.

Lots of choices being made everyday with this kid. Some by me and Mike: Can we please get some screen time (for both the kid and us) or no? 

Do we force him to finish his dinner?

Bath tonight or is it ok if we skip it? 

Some by Momo: What book should we read? Nine times out of 10 it is the Red Balloon..

Do you want a kit kat? The mini strawberry and green tea kind that a friend brought home from a biz trip to China. If the answer is yes, then he needs to sit down and take a dump on the toilet. Enough with the hershey squirts in the undies!!!

Bowties or fingers for dinner? Bowties are self explanatory bow pasta and 'fingers' are penne.

As the vocabulary expands the conversation, debate & discussion does too. 

Would love to hear any of your funny convos with your toddler or what choices you give to your kids too.

xx ly