A woman today

Been working on a small project with a focus on moms in the working world. Specifically the moms working in corporate America.

With this I had the chance to reflect on my own experiences lately as a multi hyphenate woman when Pom Pom Social asked me to write about my experience. I am always torn at how to describe my experience. I absolutely love my job and the life I am afforded working as much as I do.

Continue on to read the words I shared with them last week:

My job asks a lot of me: demanding assignments, a serious commute, frequent travel, long hours and corporate politics. I love it. So, in turn I ask a lot of my family. Specifically, my mother.  Which makes me feel superguilty. 

While I am on set in LA eating the best (insert fad diet or fad food) from craft service often for days or weeks away from my kid, my mom is back home: singing songs, making dinner, being silly and loving on my kid for me.

We all know how hard it is to take care of babies, toddlers, tweens & teens. Of course I experience this, but I feel like I get a bit of a pass, especially from the exhaustion of it all on repeat.

I joke that I am a ‘weekend mom’ because that is when I spend the most dedicated time with my kid. I feel like a stereotypical divorce dad who just gets to have the fun and be the ‘cool parent’ while during the week my mom deals with the frequent ‘whoops I shit my pants’ and toddler ‘tude. 

All in all I love my job, I love my kid but I love my mom most cause she lets me have the best of both worlds and never ever rubs it in my face.

Being in a female in 2018 all of us feel a pressure, and sometimes desire, to be all the women to all the people. For me it is as follows: on demand working woman, fun mom, sexy partner, thoughtful friend, devoted daughter, the list goes on.  

Thru conversation with friends, I had the chance to reflect on my words above. It is so refreshing and comforting to be given the space to discuss the things we struggle with. Not exclusively working moms, or moms for that matter. Just women. Whats your list?

xx ly