Catching up

September marks my fourth anniversary of Making La Madre. A site, an insta handle and a little piece of the internet where I get to explore how my role as ‘mom’ intersects with my career, culture, relationships, identity & sometimes food + style.

I have gained some new followers over the summer and wanted to share a look back at a few of my favorite posts from the past couple years. Consider this a ‘getting to know me’ or refresh on posts you may have missed.

  1. TABOOS a piece I wrote last September as a lead in to a Pom Pom Social event we hosted on the subject.

  2. WORDS BY LATONYA I am a long time fan/follower/wannabe IRL friend of writer/stylist Latonya Yvette. This post was inspired/lifted from her site back in 2017.

  3. 5 HABITS OF A BAD MOM this post is classic ‘making la madre’ a self deprecating hit list of my personal traits and hang ups as a mom.

  4. 5 THINGS I DIDN’T NEED FOR BABY Taking it back to the early days, this is one of my first ‘five things’ posts. Check it out if you or anyone you know is expecting.

  5. FIND ME ON POM POM SOCIAL lastly, this interview I did for Pom Pom Social in January 2017 does a pretty good job summing up my #momlyfe.

As bonus I posted this ‘reintroduction’ on IG last week.

Thank you so much for following and please comment below with any questions or ideas you have for future posts. I live for feedback :) Foto above from my Saturday stroll to Fieldwork Flowers.

xx ly